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5 Blogs to Read Before You Put Your Home on the Market

Larry Purchase

Larry Purchase has been licensed as a Real Estate sales practitioner since 1986 and as a Broker since 1996...

Larry Purchase has been licensed as a Real Estate sales practitioner since 1986 and as a Broker since 1996...

Nov 13 4 minutes read

If you're like me you do a bit of research before making a big decision. If you're considering selling your home you'll find thousands of blogs online from home improvements you can make to increase your home's value, to cleaning tips. To help you out, I've compiled 5 blogs you need to read before you list your home.

I Want To Sell My Home Before 2022. Where Do I Start?

With only a few months left in the year, there is no better time than now to meet a few of your 2021 goals before 2022 begins.

If one of them includes selling your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Selling your home in a brief time can seem overwhelming, especially when you're juggling many other responsibilities in your life. After all, it involves clearing out and staging your home, gathering necessary paperwork, and getting your home ready to show for potential buyers.

Agent With a Plan: Why Digital Marketing Is Critical to Selling Your Home

Digital marketing is a major part of the modern real estate agent's job. Without sharp digital marketing skills, an agent could inadvertently cause your house to sit on the market or sell for below top dollar because of an inability to target and attract the right buyers. More than that, not only should your agent have digital marketing experience, but they should know what tactics work best in your neighborhood and price point.

How Proximity Affects Your Home Value

Location, location, location. You’ve definitely heard how important this is in real estate — and that's because it's true! Location is a crucial factor when it comes to the value of your home...

Questions to Ask Your Agent Before Listing Your Home

When you're selling a house, there are a lot of things to keep in mind, and you may have a significant number of questions - that's completely normal. We're here to help.

Even if it's not your first time selling a property, questions abound based on everything from the neighborhood and the current real estate market to any of the many processes around selling that may have changed since you approached this process before.

It's really in your best interests to have a professional, skilled real estate agent to bounce things off of and as an expert resource for those important questions that you have about everything that goes on between listing and the closing table.

4 Most Common Reasons Why People Sell Their Home

People sell homes for a huge range of reasons... The reason that you want to sell your home could influence the approach you take to selling. 

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